What makes Bespoke Strings different from the other string music companies?

While most string musicians in our area are very much capable of performing for your event and have the experience to back it up, Bespoke Strings has modernized and simplified the booking of custom string performances for events. Not only has Bespoke Strings has set up a super smooth and effortless booking process to ensure no stress on the client, Bespoke Strings also gives the client 100% specialized attention. Bespoke’s Owner + Cellist, Caitlin Tarver, is your primary contact and will always reply to your questions within 24 hours or less.

We are definitely known best for our HUGE list of Pop/Modern/Mainstream music selections! Owner + Cellist, Caitlin Tarver specializes in these contemporary music genres! She has over 11+ million YouTube views on her pop music cello cover videos and her primary focus with Bespoke Strings (regarding the music) was to have available all of these unique modern/pop/contemporary styles for each event so clients have a plethora of music options to pick from!

We don’t just play the music notes on the page, we perform each and every event like a performance to our client and look the part each time.

Most events have photographers and videographers booked and you will not need to worry how we will look or sound! We pay close attention to detail and are very particular of how we look and sound at each event.

Can you perform the classical wedding standard pieces of music?

Definitely! We have all of the timeless classical wedding pieces that everyone loves! Some of our favorites are “Cannon in D” and “Trumpet Voluntary”. Lots of our clients like to mix the classical pieces with the modern/pop songs for their wedding to truly make it special! You can view our classical selections on our Music Playlist!

What will I expect the day of my wedding?

Your musician(s) will arrive on site no later than 30 minutes before the contracted music start time. All of your songs you selected are preset in our music books, in ceremony order, and ready to go! Musician(s) will set up their music gear and begin tuning upon arrival. A member of the Bespoke team will line up with the day-of coordinator to lock in the starting cue to ensure your first ceremony song is starting exactly when the ceremony is to begin. If you have booked a second hour or cocktail hour, the musicians will relocate (or stay put pending on where the cocktail hour is) and will begin playing music for the second hour.

What will the musician(s) wear for my special event?

Our musicians will wear luxe black clothing. Black is so refined and allows for our music to be the main focus as well as let’s our beautiful wood instruments pop. View our photos and videos to see what we mean! Black is our standard color however we can definitely wear other colors if requested by the client!

What size string ensemble is best for my event?

This is a very common question we receive! This is easily determined by the guest count and venue type! For a wedding ceremony, the musician(s) are place strategically near or close by the ceremony site to ensure the wedding guests and wedding party can easily hear the music. For more help and guidance on what size string ensemble is best for your event, please contact us and we will gladly advise!

Is amplification/speakers needed for my outdoor event?

While we mostly always play acoustically without amplification (outdoors and indoors), some larger scale events may need amplification. It is rare that we need to amplify our acoustic instruments (or use electric instruments) but can be recommended for certain large events. This would be determined at your initial consultation. Most of our bookings take place at outdoor venues and amplification is not needed.

What types of songs work best for a wedding recessional?

Recessional/exit songs can be whatever you want it to be! We typically perform upbeat/fun tempo songs and pieces to enhance the excitement of getting married! Definitely check out our huge Music Playlist for countless songs to pick from!

Do I need to supply anything for the musicians on the day of the event?

The only thing that is required would be armless chairs set up for the musicians. The musician(s) will bring everything else! For example, our String Quartet would need 4 chairs. If your soloist or string ensemble is booked for a second/third hour at a different location at venue, please have extra chairs set in place to allow for a smooth transition!

How will the musicians know when to start and stop my ceremony entrance songs?

The musicians will receive a starting cue from your day-of coordinator to know when exactly to start your first ceremony song. When the person (or people) in the first group has finished walking down the aisle and are in place, the musician(s) will end smoothly. Musicians will never end abruptly and will finish the musical phrase at the perfect moment. The Bespoke leader of your ensemble (or soloist) will ensure the songs transition beautifully and smoothly. We are here for you, so don’t stress over the timing of songs! Just soak in all of the wedding day bliss and we’ll take care of the rest! Your day-of coordinator typically will continue to give a cue when each group is ready to walk down the aisle to let musicians know when to start each entrance song!

What all is involved during the booking process?

We are proud to say the entire booking and music selection processes are done online! Our contracts can easily be viewed and signed from a smartphone or computer. When it comes time to select your preferred songs and music genres, you will simply fill out an online form!

Do you accept Debit or Credit Card payments?

Certainly! All deposits and transactions are made online! You can choose your preference online payment method!